Creator of THE ADVENTURES OF INSURANCEMAN Develops Innovative Method to Maximize Real Estate Sales

Photo Credit: Robert J. Smith, MFA
Photo Credit: Robert J. Smith, MFA

Robert J. Smith, renowned as the ingenious mind behind ‘THE ADVENTURES OF INSURANCEMAN, has long been a formidable figure in the world of business. Smith boasts a track record that speaks volumes about his expertise. Venturing beyond insurance now, Smith plans to infuse the real estate sector with a marketing strategy that yields staggering results.

Smith’s career trajectory features numerous highlights, one of which includes his spectacular feat of pocketing a hefty $110,000 from just one estate planning sale. This triumph was enough to catapult him to the number one spot in worldwide production rankings not just at Mutual of New York (MONY) but also at AXA Financial and The Equitable. Smith’s contribution to New York Life earned him recognition during their 50th Consecutive Year of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Leadership. As a testament to his prowess, his name adorns a plaque in the Fortune 500 Company’s headquarters on Madison Avenue. He has also set a record at John Hancock, another Fortune 500 Company, for being the fastest agent in their storied history to complete both the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant professional designations through The American College.

Despite his success in the insurance industry, Smith shows no signs of resting on his laurels. Smith’s extensive expertise is now primed to invigorate the real estate realm. He has remarked, “Most insurance and financial advisors don’t earn $110,000.00 in an entire year. THE ADVENTURES OF INSURANCEMAN netted that amount from a single case. There is no reason that real estate agents cannot achieve dramatic results with THE ADVENTURES OF REAL ESTATE MAN and REAL ESTATE WOMAN.” 

Indeed, Smith has decades of experience as a licensed real estate agent and is now leveraging this in his latest endeavor. His production company, Robert J. Smith Productions, is working alongside artists from comic powerhouses MARVEL and DC Comics to create two groundbreaking projects: REAL ESTATE MAN and REAL ESTATE WOMAN. These endeavors synthesize Smith’s wealth of industry knowledge and his exemplary marketing and sales prowess with the psychologically persuasive power of storytelling. 

The groundbreaking efforts of Robert J. Smith Productions promise to transform the landscape of real estate marketing. The company offers real estate agents and brokers the opportunity to license these impressive materials for use in their own marketing and sales efforts. Providing full customization, Smith aims to ensure maximum sales and listings for real estate producers. 

It’s noteworthy to mention that Smith’s influence extends beyond insurance and real estate. His versatile profile includes the production of similar marketing pieces for Mortgage Advisors, Tax Advisors, Attorneys, Physicians, Surgeons, and many other professional sectors. 

Since 2010, Robert J. Smith Productions has been a bastion of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The company’s presence in this widely recognized film database further validates the widespread recognition enjoyed by Smith’s engaging and persuasive marketing content. 

Inspired marketing doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and Smith’s relentless creativity feeds into a broader dialogue online. He remains active across various social media platforms, consistently connecting with his audience and offering valuable insights. His expansive online presence offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in learning about his novel marketing strategies or seeking his business advice. 

As Robert J. Smith continues to produce his work, there is little doubt that his innovative marketing efforts will leave an indelible mark on the real estate industry. His trajectory demonstrates a winning combination of savvy marketing, business acumen, and the ability to leverage strategic narratives. As Smith embarks on this latest endeavor, there are sure to be impressive results for modern real estate professionals who can apply his strategies in their own practice. The world watches with anticipation as THE ADVENTURES OF REAL ESTATE MAN and REAL ESTATE WOMAN take flight, signaling a new era of real estate marketing and sales.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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