Creating Homeowners, One Family at a Time: Peter Metz’s Mortgage Journey

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In Northern California, one name stands out in the realm of home financing: Peter Metz. As a seasoned mortgage banker, Peter has dedicated over a decade of his life to helping families realize their dreams of homeownership. The personal experience of purchasing his first home inspired Peter to make a career in this industry, which made him interested in helping other people go through life’s important milestones. In an exclusive interview, Peter shares his insights about his career and the mortgage industry and offers invaluable advice to prospective homebuyers.

The journey began when Peter purchased his first home. “I was interested in the home buying process,” he shares. This sparked a deep interest in a field where he could blend his affinity for working with people and his enthusiasm for real estate. Today, Peter is not only helping families become homeowners but also guiding them toward maximizing their net worth potential. He highlights the untapped potential of home equity in wealth creation. “Most homeowners are not aware of how they can utilize their home to help them increase their family’s net worth,” he points out.

Peter’s commitment to helping families with their home funding needs has been continuous since his career began at the age of 22. His contributions to the mortgage industry have been nothing less than remarkable over the last 12 years. He helps over 200 families per year and has proudly assisted over 700 families to become first-time homeowners. These significant milestones have earned him multiple features in Scotsman’s Guide, a top producer magazine that spotlights the top professionals in the mortgage industry.

For Peter, staying on top of the ever-evolving real estate market involves a constant learning process. He religiously follows market experts and sources most of his market data from MBS Highway. He closely tracks national home values, supply versus demand dynamics, interest rate volatility, and day-to-day rate movements. “My customers are coming to me for a very large debt. They should know the current market and worst-case scenarios to make the best decision for their family,” Peter explains.

His advice to prospective homebuyers is to work with seasoned professionals on both the real estate and mortgage side. He emphasizes the importance of experience and knowledge when dealing with the biggest financial decision most people will make. For him, picking the right team can save potential homeowners time and money. “Your mortgage payment is going to be different than a rent payment. Making sure your monthly payment is affordable is very important,” he advises.

When asked about his long-term vision, Peter reveals his plan to grow Von Mortgage’s reputation and customer base, one family at a time. He aspires for Von Mortgage to be a reliable, small local company that will serve the community for a long time, perhaps even passing the baton to his daughter, Channing.

Dealing with clients who come from varied backgrounds and levels of real estate knowledge, Peter and his team strive to simplify the complexities of mortgages. They provide a detailed “Total Cost Analysis” of multiple mortgage options that vary in payment, closing costs, etc. Peter’s dedication to transparency ensures that each customer fully understands their options in a format that’s easy to read and comprehend.

Peter also offers insights on determining a property’s value, acknowledging that this can be subjective. He notes several factors that go into valuation: location, year of construction, home condition, the neighborhood, and others. He emphasizes the importance of having a professional appraiser assess a property before closing a deal.

In an industry often seen as complicated and intimidating, Peter Metz has shown a path characterized by transparency, dedication, and a deep-rooted desire to help people. His commitment to empowering his clients and shaping the community is what makes him a standout in the mortgage industry. In every loan he helps secure, he is building a legacy of homes and homeowners, one family at a time.

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