Chris Shomo: The Visionary Real Estate Agent of Home Sweet Home Hawaii

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Chris Shomo, the driving force behind Home Sweet Home Hawaii, is redefining the real estate landscape in O‘ahu, Hawaii, and beyond. With an extensive background that spans more than two decades, Chris’s journey through the industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He has established himself as a trusted and verified real estate professional with a unique approach that focuses on serving his clients’ needs through his relational approach, rather than just making a sale.

In the tropical paradise of O‘ahu, Hawaii, you’ll find a real estate agent who is not your typical salesperson. Chris Shomo’s journey in the real estate industry is a testament to his passion for helping people find their dream homes. His business, “Home Sweet Home Hawaii,” represents his dedication to serving clients with an unwavering commitment to their unique needs and aspirations. But what truly sets Chris apart is his profound love for the people he serves and his unwavering belief in the power of building genuine relationships.

A Lifelong Passion for Real Estate

Chris’s story begins over two decades ago, and it’s a tale of passion and dedication. “I’ve always been interested in real estate,” Chris shares. His love for homes and the joy of helping people find their perfect property has been a driving force throughout his career. The real estate industry provided him with the freedom and flexibility he craved, unlike the constraints of a traditional nine-to-five job.

Gloria, Chris’s wife and business partner, emphasizes that real estate is not just a profession for him; it’s a calling born out of a genuine love for people. “Chris’s love for real estate has never waned,” she says. “It’s his way of connecting with people and helping them achieve their dreams in owning their slice of paradise. It’s a perfect match for his entrepreneurial spirit.”

Client-Centric Approach

While many real estate agents are driven by sales quotas and commissions, Chris stands out for his client-centric approach. He firmly believes in putting his clients’ needs first. “It’s primarily about hel[ing people find what they want, and the revenue is the byproduct” he asserts. He focuses on developing a clear picture at the beginning of a relationship with a client to determine their individual needs, concerns, and aspirations, and then aligns his services with their lives and the ever-changing economic landscape. This dramatically cuts down the timeline for a client to realize their goal when they’re ready and ultimately tends to save a lot of cost and stress. Along with that, he provides unusual performance guarantees that build trust with clients. 

Key Strategies for Success

Chris’s success in real estate can be attributed to his dedication and innovative strategies. He acknowledges that his sphere of influence, relationship with past clients and open houses have been instrumental in building his career from the ground up. But a pivotal turning point in his journey was when he sought the guidance of a business coach. This mentorship helped him develop the focus on the relational aspect over mere salesmanship, aligning the business with his own personal style. This shifted him away from typical techniques often taught in traditional sales training, distinguishing him from other agents.

Gloria reveals a profound shift in Chris’s approach. “The second significant change was understanding how to make the client the hero. It came down to looking at clients differently and putting their needs first. We undid all the traditional sales tactics and went back to the relational approach.”

Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Market

As real estate is a constantly evolving industry, staying informed about the latest trends and developments is crucial. For Chris, YouTube has become a vital platform for this purpose. High-quality content on YouTube allows him to connect with potential clients, providing valuable insights and establishing a personal connection.

Overcoming Challenges

Chris candidly acknowledges the challenges he has faced throughout his career, particularly the unpredictable nature of the real estate market. “The ups and downs, the valleys and the mountains,” he describes, are inherent in the profession. But, he ability to be agile, very current, and ever evolving with the dynamic market has been the key, as well as keeping a pulse on what’s happening in other markets on the mainland. 

Gloria touches on a less visible but significant aspect of their journey: their personal challenges, including her battle with cancer. Chris’s unwavering support and adaptability during such trying times have significantly contributed to their growth and resilience.

Future Ambitions

Looking forward, Chris envisions Home Sweet Home Hawaii evolving into a broader real estate platform. His goal is to continue to build his team with real estate professionals who share his client-focused values across all the Hawaiian Islands. Establishing a residual referral business is a key objective, solidifying his commitment to serving the people of Hawaii.

Chris is less focused on a traditional team and more dedicated to having a lean, market-current, cutting-edge machine, where the emphasis is on finding the right resources and experts to enhance the quality of service provided to his clients.

In conclusion, Chris Shomo’s journey in the real estate industry is a testament to his unwavering passion for helping people, his commitment to providing a client-focused experience, and his innovative approach to building relationships. With his vision in focus and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Chris is poised to leave an indelible mark on the real estate landscape in Hawaii.

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