Avi Ben David on Modern Driveway Gate Designs That Go Beyond Basic Security

Avi Ben David on Modern Driveway Gate Designs
Photo Courtesy: Mulholland Brand

By: Maria Williams

Is your gate more than just a security feature? It should be. Avi Ben David, the CEO of Mulholland Brand, believes a gate is a statement piece that sets the tone for your entire property. With nearly 30 years of experience designing for the Hollywood elite, Avi Ben David has reimagined what gates can be. They’re not just barriers but bespoke works of art that reflect your style and elevate your home’s curb appeal. This philosophy is at the heart of Mulholland Brand’s mission to transform gate design into an essential element of home beautification.

Mulholland operates under one fundamental principle: gone are the days of one-size-fits-all gates. Today, it’s all about customization, durability, and style. The key to this revolution? Aluminum. Unlike traditional wood, prone to rot, or steel, which succumbs to rust, aluminum gates offer unparalleled durability and require minimal maintenance. This makes them a smarter choice for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s value and security without the constant upkeep.

But it’s not just about choosing aluminum over other materials. Mulholland Brand leverages precision laser cutting technology, allowing intricate designs that cater to homeowner’s tastes. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re drawn to a modern flair or a classic touch. This design flexibility, coupled with aluminum’s lightweight nature, allows homeowners to truly personalize their space.

Adding to the allure is the brand’s innovative powder coating technique. This makes the gates more durable than traditional paint finishes and offers an aesthetic versatility that can mimic the look of wood. This feature is especially appealing in wildfire-prone areas like California, where homeowners can enjoy the classic wooden aesthetic without the associated risks.

Avi Ben David on Modern Driveway Gate Design

Photo Courtesy: Mulholland Brand (@mulhollandbrand)

The brand’s dedication to creativity and innovation is evident in every gate, fence, and pergola it designs. Its laser-cutting technology allows for detailed, elegant designs that elevate the visual appeal of any property. This approach has garnered attention far beyond the gates of Hollywood, making Mulholland Brand a leader in the custom gate industry.

Best of all, Mulholland Brand is renowned for its efficient installation process. Unlike competitors, who may take days to install a gate, Mulholland prides itself on completing most of its installations in just one day, minimizing disruption and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Mulholland Brand is continuing with custom gate design. The company’s vision extends to establishing distribution centers and warehouses across the US to ensure timely and efficient delivery of their products. Innovation remains at the heart of their plans, with over 45 new products in the pipeline. This commitment to growth and innovation is matched by an equally strong commitment to nurturing talent within the company, providing young professionals with opportunities for development and success.

“Training individuals in the nuances of door hardware became a source of pride,” Avi shares. Moreover, beyond the gates and the technology lies a deeper mission. Mulholland Brand’s philanthropic efforts, particularly their support for animal organizations and initiatives helping the homeless and their pets, reflect a company that values community and compassion as much as innovation and design.

Avi Ben David’s vision extends beyond Mulholland Brand to encompass the landscape of custom gate design. As his business expands, Avi Ben hopes to lead a gate revolution across America and beyond. In the future, he envisions homeowners having a partner in enhancing their home’s security, value, and style, proving that the gateway to innovation is more comprehensive.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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