ADHI’s Bwiza Riverside Project Takes Center Stage Globally in Sustainable Affordable Housing at COP 28

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Revolutionary Building Technologies by ADHI Recognized in Landmark Alliance with Shelter Afrique

Kigali, Rwanda–(Newsfle Corp. – December 12, 2023) – In a triumph at COP 28, pioneering strides of ADHI in affordable and sustainable housing has gained global acclaim, with the spotlight on the groundbreaking Bwiza Riverside project. The source of this transformative success, ADHI, is leading a strategic collaboration with Shelter Afrique that is set to reshape affordable housing solutions across the African continent.

Addressing the multifaceted challenge of affordable housing in Africa, characterized by rapid urbanization, limited land availability, and a growing population, the Bwiza Riverside project exemplifes innovation. Developed through a collaborative effort between Rwanda and ADHI, the project has set a new standard for sustainable building practices, delivering 256 homes in its frst phase within a year. Now scaling up to 2,000 homes, the project addresses both affordability (through the Banque Rwandaise de Devellopment mortgage scheme) and scalability while ensuring environmental sustainability and cultural acceptance.

Rwanda’s triumphant success in sustainable housing is deeply rooted in its visionary commitment to affordability, paving the way for a transformative framework. The nation’s system is strategically designed to make home ownership accessible to a broad spectrum of its population. By aligning its housing projects with the fnancial capacities of its citizens, Rwanda has successfully addressed the multifaceted challenges it once faced with ADHI, as a crucial contributor to this success.

Shelter Afrique, recognizing the alignment with its ‘New Dawn’ strategy, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Bwiza Riverside project, providing an endorsement of Rwanda’s approach. This collaboration showcases the model’s potential for replication and harmonizes with Shelter Afrique’s mission to enhance housing fnancing and accessibility to sustainable solutions across Africa.


International recognition as EDGE Champions by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) underscores the dedication of Rwanda and ADHI to sustainable development. The EDGE certifcation reinforces their commitment to decarbonizing building portfolios, aligning with global sustainability objectives.

ADHI’s fnancial strategy, encompassing robust returns and thematic areas such as Green/Climate/Resilience, Gender, Jobs, Islamic fnance, and support for IDPs and the Diaspora, ensures not only fnancial viability but also facilitates diverse and impactful societal benefts.

Rwanda’s housing model, poised for continent-wide scaling through Shelter Afrique’s strategic partnership, serves as an inspirational framework for other African nations. It highlights how strategic partnerships, innovative technology, and a commitment to sustainability and cultural values can revolutionize the affordable housing sector.

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