$6.5m Show Home Hits Market In Prado, Historical Las Vegas Neighborhood

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In the heart of Las Vegas, tucked within the borders of Desert Inn Road, Buffalo Drive, Sahara Avenue, and Rainbow Boulevard, is Section 10 – an iconic neighborhood that has profound roots in the city’s history. Centrally located and boasting a convenient proximity to the Strip, this timeless community is undergoing a dynamic revitalization that seamlessly marries its rich past with a promising future.

At the helm of this transformative resurgence is Prado, a Blue Heron Nexus community newly minted within the folds of Section 10. Blue Heron’s Nexus division, which has been operational for the past three years, threads together architectural marvels with pre-designed floor plans aimed for infill projects such as Prado. As explained by Chris Beucler, president of Blue Heron’s Nexus division, this approach has been applied to five different product lines across ten Nexus communities, enriching them with the authentic Blue Heron architectural splendor.

As an intimate community, Prado recently opened its doors in June, selling over half its inventory to date despite its novelty. Encompassing 18 homesites and offering four exclusive semi-custom floor plans, the community has succeeded in introducing an alternative to designing and custom-building a home that finds congruence with discerning homeowners’ preferences.

The starting price point in this luxurious development is pegged at $1.8 million, with the average home selling for an impressive $3.5 million. Notably, what sets Prado apart in the upscale residential market is the abundant space that accompanies each home, a rare luxury when square footage is becoming increasingly elusive in urban residential landscapes. All the houses are positioned on expansive lots that provide owners with flexible exterior options that can be customized to their liking.

Prado’s architectural distinctiveness and Cresta’s semi-custom floor plan are best exemplified in the community’s show home. This substantial two-story property sprawls over 5,887 square feet at 7388 Olive Creek Court. Sporting a contemporary Vegas Modern design, the show home is listed for a hefty $6.5 million.

A distinctive factor in this home includes the inclusion of four en suite bedrooms, inclusive of principal and junior suites. Furthermore, the home comes with 5½ baths, a sophisticated media room cum lounge equipped with a bar and a wine room. Adding to this, extra acreage in the community has allowed for an additional 800-square-foot detached casita, three covered outdoor living spaces including outdoor dining, a conversation area complete with a fire feature, an oversized infinity pool, and a spa area in the lot.

The external design of the properties is purposely eye-catching, intended to make a bold statement amidst other residences. The architectural allure stems from clean lines, geometric shapes, and restrained colors, all of which come together to create an appealing, dramatic curb appeal

The Nexus division of Blue Heron opened this past June and sits upon 10 acres, currently with 18 oversized homesites; 50% of them have already been sold. 

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