2024 Fund Administration: Essential Practices

Photo: Unsplash.com
Photo: Unsplash.com

If you were in the 90s peering into 2024, fund administration would look like a sci-fi novel. From AI automation to digital tech, it’s a different ball game. Investors are more demanding, regulatory requirements more stringent, and the competition is fierce.

If LPs want to keep up, they need to get with the times. That said, here are the Essential Practices every fund administration needs to follow in 2024 and beyond to succeed. 

The Robot in the Room: AI and Automation

Let’s clear the air about AI and automation. Sure, they’re shaking up the scene, but they’re not here to snatch our jobs yet! Think about it: with investors craving more insights and complexity levels reaching new heights, automation is like the secret ingredient for gathering all that data without breaking a sweat. Plus, automation isn’t just for gathering data—it’s about streamlining different processes, slashing errors, and delivering spot-on reports for investors. It’s like having a magic wand that turns chaos into order, making the lives of fund managers much easier.

So, if your firm isn’t already hopping aboard the AI and automation train, what exactly are you waiting for? It’s high time to embrace the future and give your digital game a serious upgrade!

It’s A Digital World

Here’s the thing: Digital processes have been gaining momentum since the early 2000s, but they’ve kicked into overdrive since 2020. Forbes even reported that companies fully embracing digitalization are a whopping 23% more profitable than those lagging behind. It’s a wake-up call for industries dragging their feet on tech adoption. It’s either adapt or risk extinction (just like the dinosaurs)! 

Tech has definitely evolved by leaps and bounds, and it’s the game-changer between staying ahead or falling behind. Nowadays, savvy firms are tapping into digital platforms to simplify operations, cut costs, and boost productivity. And if your firm isn’t jumping on the digital tools train, you’re essentially choosing to slog through the mud instead of cruising on the highway. Who wants to deal with all that stress, grime, and dust, right? It’s already 2024, guys! Let’s start working smarter, not harder from here on out!

A World Full of Data at Your Fingertips

Metrics. Insights. Data. Whatever you call it, investors want it. They want more of it and faster than ever before. The good news is that the digitization of everything means we have it. But the problem is collecting, analyzing, managing, and reporting it takes a whole lot of time and effort. Luckily, we have platforms with built-in engagement analytics and reporting tools that make life easier for fund managers. By keeping tabs on investor engagement, it’s easier these days to fine-tune strategies and boost the success rates of campaigns.

These platforms also boast advanced data analysis tools and dish out actionable insights and business intelligence that guide strategic decision-making. With a strong data game, fund managers can spot market trends, sniff out new opportunities, and proactively adjust their tactics. Isn’t that a good enough reason to follow in 2024 and beyond?

More Transparency, More Trust

Investors are becoming increasingly discerning. They are well aware of the market’s nuances and understand that not every investment yields substantial returns. Today’s investors seek more than just raw data; they desire personalized attention and tailored insights. Meeting this demand for customized reporting can significantly enhance engagement, particularly when market conditions are unpredictable. Transparency is not merely desirable; it’s imperative. Fund managers should take heed!

Be Prepared to Scale Your Tech Stack

As firms expand, the necessity to scale their technology infrastructure grows correspondingly. This is no small task but is essential for sustained success both in 2024 and beyond. From evaluating the current technological framework to implementing novel solutions, scaling the tech stack is a journey, albeit one that assures substantial rewards.

Scaling up presents challenges. It necessitates meticulous planning, a comprehensive evaluation of the existing tech ecosystem, and a clear vision for the company’s future.

The initial step in contemplating the expansion of the tech stack involves a thorough examination of the current setup. This entails delving into existing systems to understand their configuration and performance.

Once the current tech landscape is assessed, attention shifts to strategizing the upgrade process. This is akin to a chef meticulously selecting ingredients for a recipe, ensuring that each component contributes to the desired outcome.

Brainstorming potential solutions for enhancing the tech stack involves addressing immediate needs while also considering future requirements. The goal is to select solutions that can accommodate both current and anticipated workloads.

Executing the plan entails implementing upgrades and ensuring that the team is proficient in the new technologies. While this may demand time and effort, the eventual payoff is well worth it.

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