Wilsony Georges Set to Develop Mental Health Center in New Hampshire

Wilsony Georges is an Haitan-American Real Estate Professional based out of New Hampshire. Throughout his career, Wilsony has made strides in his career as a real estate investor and construction owner operator. With his years of experience, Georges is excited for his newest project soon to enter the marketplace. As an advocate for Mental Health, Wilsony’s latest project hits close to home. Nestled in the heart of Greenville, New Hampshire — Georges is in the early planning stages set to develop a new mental health center. To learn more about Wilsony Georges & his up and coming project, we sat down with him to get more insight on what’s to come. 

Mental Health Crisis In America 

Georges understands that there is a mental health crisis in America & with that a tremendous need for aid that doesn’t exist in many parts of the country. Post pandemic rates of depression and suicide have increased, particulary in New Hampshire. As a New Hampshire native and advocate for mental health, Wilsony saw the opportunity to make a difference for his community. Not only will the new development be able to help the many in need with mental health support, but it will also create many new jobs leaving the town of Greenville, New Hampshite very excited. The concept is detailed by Georges as a fully dedicated retreat equipped with everything needed to help those in need & even will include a handle short term drug detox capability as well. The concept will be one of the few facilities of its kind to possibly include Medicare insurance coverage, through its planned partnership with the Federal Government. 

The Concept Is On Its Way

Wilsony went on to say that the development is soon to launch its initial phase of construction.Permits and city planning are in the process of approving the project, Georges believes that all should go smoothly. As an altruistic entrepreneur, Georges is excited to develop an aid for his community and also create jobs for people in nearby communities. As noted earlier, Georges is an advocate for Mental Health — He went on to say “This concept is going to be amazing for the community. Being from New Hampshire and also dealing with Mental Health related issues with my family it’s obvious that there’s an issue at hand. Many people suffer with mental health related issues, I am excited to be a part of the solution and make a difference for my community.” 

About Wilsony Georges 
Wilsony Georges currently is also working on developments in Port Chester & Lehigh Acres, Florida. The Real Estate Entrepreneur also offers mentorship programs through his Flipping 1on1 Real Estate Investing Course & free information , you can also find Georges on Club House under the same name to learn how to get started in the real estate industry.

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