Vadym Iermolaiev: “Investment in Ukraine and Dnipro Right Now is a Winning Strategy”

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The military actions destabilized the situation in Ukraine. The business bears the burden of the war from the beginning. Some entrepreneurs found themselves facing a tough choice: they closed their projects suddenly, stopped production, or put a freeze on the initiatives for an indefinite period. However, there are investors who go on to conduct business and invest in the development of their Ukrainian enterprises. Surely, these entrepreneurs are aware of the risks but first of all, they realize the responsibility before their teams, and they try to go on the development of their own Ukrainian business. Vadym Iermolaiev is one of such examples. He was one of the first to recommence his construction in Dnipro city. And he did it almost instantly, in the spring of 2022.

When the light wins a victory over the darkness: about the Port City and more

It is absolutely necessary to construct during the war. The most important is the fact that it is possible. Vadym Iermolaiev and his company Alef Estate is persuaded of that.

The unique apartment complex Port City is under construction on the bank of the Dnipro river now. Its architectural feature is the silhouette of a five-star liner and outside decks from which there is a view over the Monastyrskyi island and other natural flairs of the city. Moreover, Alef Estate does not just construct residential real estate; its priority is an area improvement. There will be a promenade quay, bicycle lanes, and a garden near the Port City. The best landscape designers will be involved in the garden creation. The internationally famous company “Expolight” from Dnipro city was entrusted with the illumination of the faces of the apartment complex. The underlying concept of the illumination is to create the effect of the water motion of the face surface. And the effect of the light waves will be achieved in the territory around the complex. 

Vadym Iermolaiev was never interested in the infill development. He always imagined the whole quarters and understood how his new shopping and recreation centers, residential real estate, and space around would look. The shopping and business center “Perekhrestia” (“Crossroad”) is an excellent confirmation. The project was put on ice due to the war. However, the works on the crossroads of Kharkivska and Korolevy Yelyzavety (Elizabeth Regina) II streets were resumed in April. So, the company took one more step to the implementation of the ambitious project “Brama” and the formation of the real business quarter in Dnipro city.

The Alef Estate Company did not neglect the left bank of the Dnipro river as well. The residential complex Industrial is built next to the shopping centre “Nasha Pravda”. The company plans to show new construction standards in other districts of the city, sometimes even remote, due to this complex. The purpose of the housing complex Industrial lies in the fact that the residents of Dnipro city can get the best possible balance of life in one place. This balance includes also a favourable location on Slobozhanskyi avenue, and playground, and spacious outside decks for the residents, and a territory with recreation areas. 

The war did not stop the construction of the real legend, Ermolaev Center, in Dnipro city. Vadym Iermolaiev believes that this complex will become a new milestone in the history of Dnipro development. This is because it will combine the synergy of business life and private space: apartments, restaurants, a patio with recreation areas, and the vibe of Katerynoslavskyi and Pivdennyi boulevard. The first in the city automated multilevel parking area will be located in Ermolaev Center. And this particular complex will present a new art object to the city, the sculpture “Meeting” (“Zustrich”) by the brothers Mykyta and Yehor Zihura. It will be created after the example of the iconic Atlantean.

And this time the company Alef Estate does not betray its principles and shows a careful attitude toward the historical architectural heritage of our city. The unique historical building on 39 Shevchenko street will fit harmoniously in the available ensemble of the state-of-the-art Emolaev Center.

Dnipro is a city of prosperity and reconstruction

Vadym Iermolaiev believes that reconstruction and prosperity are expected after the war’s end in Ukraine and Dnipro city where all his construction projects are concentrated:

“Dnipro accepted perhaps the greatest number of internally displaced persons during full-scale invasion. More than 200 thousands of internally displaced persons found a new home in our city, and this is only official statistics. Mostly, they are residents of Kharkiv and Donbas. The combat actions made them leave their houses. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to open the doors of their apartments because their accommodation was destroyed by the war.

Today there is a great problem related to residential space in Dnipro city. And this problem has to be solved quickly and efficiently. So, the construction is not interrupted.  However, this is just a prototype of the building boom that is expected in Dnipro city after the war’s end. The millions of Ukrainians who went abroad, first of all, women with children, will want to come back to Ukraine after our victory. And the accommodation units will be much needed. An increase in the volume of construction will be the driver of the development of other producers. Concrete, fittings, paint, hardware, windows and doors, furniture, bathroom fixtures, and much more. There will be enough orders for everyone: from metallurgical giants to small business enterprises. Investment in Ukraine and Dnipro right now is a winning strategy.

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