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Entrepreneur Travis Hanson Reveals Real Estate Techniques



Entrepreneur Travis Hanson

The stakes are rising every year in the multi-billion dollar real estate sector. By the end of 2022 alone, the industry is expected to generate $369.90 billion in revenue, with an annual growth rate of 3.71%.

Real estate is a tremendous source of passive income for business-savvy real estate investors and entrepreneurs like Travis Hanson. It only requires an understanding of how the industry functions.

Many entrepreneurs, however, have had difficulty achieving success, which has irritated and disappointed them. 

Real estate is a very profitable but unstable industry.Therefore, new investors might be wise to learn a thing or two from seasoned investors like Hanson, a renowned and extraordinarily successful serial investor.

Hanson aspired to be financially independent because she came from a less-than-privileged upbringing and lacked significant financial resources. He desired to be in a position where he did not have to worry about his financial obligations, such as paying his bills.

Hanson’s main goal was to find a passive source of income that would allow him to retire early. 

When he came across real estate, he knew it was the answer he had been seeking. So Hanson buried his head down and didn’t look back, relying on his savings from his prior employment as a police officer and an attorney.

“I started investing in real estate,” he stated. “I started buying up as much real estate as I could, and I hit the gas. And I just kept buying and buying and buying and buying.”

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Real Estate Experience

Hanson continued his real estate investing spree when he graduated and began working as an attorney, investing his money in one property after another without pausing. 

He continued his investment for eight years in a row, gathering valuable knowledge and broadening his view of the market.

Since he began working in real estate 13 years ago, Hanson has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

“I’m fully retired and multimillionaire, and living off the income from my real estate and from the several businesses I started along the way, and it’s all because I had the mindset, man, anybody can do this. It’s just the mindset,” he said.

A few of the businesses Hanson is currently running are real estate brokerage, real estate syndication firm, property management company, real estate flipping company, and real estate investor retreat network.

One of Hanson’s methods for empowering young entrepreneurs and giving back to society is the last project.

The purpose of the real estate retreat is to create a vast network of real estate investors and entrepreneurs who will congregate, socialize, and use the venue as a springboard for career achievement.

Throughout the retreat, Hanson will discuss the precise real estate strategies that have made him stand out in the field.

Success in real estate is relatively easy, according to Hanson, who began investing in it while still a law student. Information is essential to the success or failure of any undertaking.

And according to Hanson, real estate business owners serious about succeeding big must ensure they have the necessary knowledge.


But a lot of people who want to enter into real estate need the correct information and run across roadblocks. 

By launching his real estate retreats, Hanson intends to reorient people’s perspectives on real estate and show them how possible it is to succeed in the sector, just like he has.

The investor retreats will be held in opulent settings across the country. In a recent interview, Hanson gushed about the retreat and said that one of the critical components of his teaching would be its applicability.

“I’m going to mirror a lot of what I do,” he claimed. “I want to be genuine, factual; I want somebody to look up what I say and see that I am a multimillionaire, that I am retired, and that I am all these things that I portray.”

Like this, Hanson observes that many business owners and property investors require the correct viewpoint to advance in the field. According to Hanson, those who want to thrive in real estate must have the proper attitude and ignore negativity.

All that is necessary is the proper attitude, and everything else will work itself out. Keeping this in mind will help you win. Many people only experience failure in their careers or fall short of their goals because so many unfavorable energies are in the air.

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Hanson Retreat

Hanson wants to give the group the edge they need in the real estate market by facilitating the retreat and fostering a winning mentality.

“My goal is to teach them that it’s not very hard. You just have to overcome that big first hurdle,” Hanson stated. Of course, the act of firing the gun is the first obstacle.

The most important thing to keep in mind, according to Hanson, is that you can only succeed if you try.

“Risk is not risk, and debt is not the enemy; if you ever want to be successful in life, you have to take on risk, and know that debt is not the enemy; if you ever want to be successful in life, you have to take on risk, and you have to be able to stomach the right kind of debt. If you can do those two things, the sky’s the limit.”


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