Transforming Real Estate in Saudi Arabia: ROSHN’s Data-Driven Revolution with Alteryx

Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash
Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash

Empowering Real-Time, Data-Driven Decision-Making at Scale

In the fast-paced world of modern business, the ability to harness the power of data for informed decision-making has become a cornerstone of success. For ROSHN, a leading real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, this approach is not just a strategy but a vital part of their mission to reshape the nation’s real estate landscape. Let’s delve into how ROSHN is using data-driven insights to drive its ambitious vision forward.

ROSHN Group, owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, is on a mission to increase the nation’s homeownership rate to 70 percent by 2030, aligning with the visionary project, Vision 2030. This endeavor involves collaboration with various construction and design companies, resulting in a vast and diverse array of data scattered across numerous sources.

Adnan Amro, associate director of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN, emphasized the challenges they face in dealing with this deluge of data. “The amount of data is growing, so it’s not only the scale that’s big but the more projects we launch, the more people join the team, the more there is a need for a centralized data pipeline and a single source of truth,” he explained.

To achieve their goal of transforming Saudi Arabia’s housing sector by building integrated communities, ROSHN recognized the need for rapid insights. The ROSHN teams constantly work with vast and diverse data assets from multiple sources such as systems, reports, market research, and spreadsheets. This complexity demanded automation and consolidation.

Abdulrahman Alharbi, manager of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN, spoke about their partnership with Alteryx. He stated, “Prioritizing the democratization of data and analytics has been critical to getting the most out of our data and enabling speed of insight. The centralized data platform and real-time decision-making capabilities have empowered us to make actionable data insights available to everyone.”

ROSHN embraced a data-first culture by leveraging the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform across the organization. This platform allowed them to collect data from multiple sources, prepare and transform it, and store it in an on-premises SQL server. The result was a centralized location for easy data consumption, saving time and driving efficiencies across different teams and processes.

Within the Alteryx platform, easy-to-build workflows became a game-changer, replacing repetitive manual work with automation. Approximately 500 employees and senior leadership teams now rely on dashboards and reports prepared using Alteryx to make informed decisions.

Lamyaa Alyousef, officer of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN, highlighted the efficiency gained: “Once the data workflow is created and tested, it gets scheduled, and the Alteryx platform always reflects the latest data for us, which we can pull at any given time.”

The impact of the Alteryx platform on ROSHN’s operations has been profound. It has facilitated better decision-making processes, automation of data processes, and significant time savings—around 120 working hours per week. This empowerment enables the ROSHN team to focus on high-value tasks.

Adnan Amro added, “Partnering with Alteryx has been instrumental in our journey to become a data-driven organization. The automation of data extraction and preparation processes saved significant time and has empowered us to identify market trends, make informed investment decisions, drive operational efficiencies, and elevate our position as a leading developer in the region.”

ROSHN’s success story is closely intertwined with the user-friendly, low-code Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server. These tools, combined with access to hundreds of data connectors, have addressed the data preparation challenges faced by ROSHN. The accessible analytics platform allows analysts and data workers to collaborate, create, extract, transform, and load workflows to provide timely data sets, facilitating the transformation of raw data into cross-functional reports.

Alteryx Server plays a pivotal role in governing the workflow process and scheduling analytic processing. It ensures the automatic delivery of reporting and dashboards, supplying timely, up-to-date insights to the teams when they need them.

Alteryx’s impact at ROSHN is undeniable, helping teams adopt innovative data-driven practices. ROSHN’s commitment to insight-based decision-making has elevated its position as a leading developer in the region. Looking ahead, ROSHN plans to delve deeper into data by testing machine learning models based on historical data and enhancing predictive analysis.

In a time where data mastery is paramount, ROSHN and Alteryx are spearheading a revolution that’s shaping the future of real estate in Saudi Arabia through the power of data-driven decisions.