Take a Look at Some of the Top Real Estate Professionals to Watch for in 2023

The year of 2022 has been filled with speculation regarding the future of the housing market in America. With inflation running wild, America’s Federal Reserve has begun quantitative tightening in the form of interest rate hikes. Each rate hike has slowed down the fast growing real estate market — which prior to was at all time highs in various parts of the country in all major categories. With economists speculating on the future of the housing market, we decided to take a look at some of the top RE professionals across America to get their insight on how to find success through uncertain times. 

By reading you will get insight regarding what these top professionals are doing to stay ahead of the game, & also insight on the future of the housing market from their prospective markets in top MSA’s such as New York City & other parts of the country. 

Ken Cheung

Ken Cheung is an American Mortgage professional based out of New York City. Cheung sits as Homebridge Loans number two producer, & the top producer in all of New York. The successful lender believes that in the future lending rates will continue to increase in continuation of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy to increase rates to squash inflation. With that, Cheung believes that top MSAs such as New York City will continue to see sharp demand regardless of rate hikes. In the future, Ken looks forward to sharing his insight and systems that allowed him to become a top lender with the next generation of loan officers soon to enter the marketplace. 

Beau Cox

Robert Beau Cox is a Mortgage Professional and Division Partner at Nations Lending Corporation, a full-service mortgage lender in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Beau holds himself and his employees to 100% accountability with every aspect of helping clients from the first conversation to the day of closing. Nations Lending is truly unique in that they tailor to and help clients find the perfect mortgage solution. Acting as a Branch Manager for over 5 years, Beau has found his specialty in low interest rate mortgage loans for first responders. In the future, Cox believes that although rates may continue to rise you aren’t forever attached to your current mortgage rate. It’s important to understand that when buying a home you are marrying the home & dating the rate you can always dump it through refinance later on once the Fed curves inflation. 

Tina Elmer

Tina Elmer is an American real estate professional with the Main Line McCann Team serving Philadelphia, PA and surrounding suburbs. Tina has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and she specializes in single-family luxury homes. Many celebrities, athletes, and other well known individuals trust her to find them the perfect home while remaining discreet and professional. Elmer ensures every client’s expectations are exceeded using proven marketing strategies and  unparalleled client service. In her career, Tina is responsible for producing over $250 million in real estate transactions and has received countless awards and recognition as a Top Realtor. Elmer is the Director of Growth and Innovation with the Mike McCann team, who is the number one team in Philadelphia. The McCann team sold $481 million worth of real estate in 2021 and is showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to closing deals, Tina’s role is to further promote, expand and develop the brand’s luxury, digital and physical presence.  To learn more about Tina Elmer or connect with her, click here.

Alyssa A Haynes

Alyssa A. Haynes is an American real estate professional based out of the Tampa, FL area. Haynes was originally a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach for over a decade, but when she made the transition into real estate, her first two home sales were closed within a month. Alyssa was born and raised in Clearwater, FL just 20 miles from the heart of Tampa and has a level of familiarity with the local area that clients are hard-pressed to find with competing realtors. The majority of her business is done in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater. Haynes primarily deals with luxury real estate properties and has a reputation for providing a hassle-free process for her clients from the first viewing until the closing is finished. The Clearwater area means a lot to Alyssa and when she isn’t conducting business, you can find her volunteering at a local assisted living facility.  Moving forward, she wants to continue keeping her client’s best interest at heart and help as many people find their dream home as possible. 

Tanya Vanterpool

Tanya Vanterpool is an American real estate professional based out of South Florida. Tanya has over a decade of experience representing countless clients across the Florida marketplace. Vanterpool is knowledgeable in many areas of the industry and she helps her clients with residential single family, condominiums, multi-family properties and commercial vacant land. Going the extra mile is Tanya’s motto and she is known around the area for the extra effort she puts into every deal she works on. Many competitors don’t have the industry know-how and managerial skill set to handle projects nearly as efficiently as Tanya, and her website is full of glowing testimonials from past clients. Another way Vanterpool sets herself apart from the competition is her marketing expertise. Making deals happen in real estate is all about marketing, and Tanya uses her unique strategies to sell properties quickly and get the most out of it.

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