3 Emerging Market Cities For CRE Growth Thanks To The Tech Industry

With the public sector roaring for new Tech innovation and newly seeded startups offering low cost services at mass, we took a look at the top emerging market cities for CRE tech company growth. By reading you will learn about some of the top cities for CRE Growth in the country, mostly fueled by Tech startup growth.

Stamford, Connecticut

Coming in at number 3 — Stamford, Connecticut. Stamford is viewed by many in the CRE sector as a growing city with tremendous upside potential as an existing hub outside New York City eager for new innovation. With affordable SQ/FT availability and plenty of office space available for lease, look for Stamford to continue to prosper in the following years to come. 

Tech Talent Growth In Last 12M: 15,060 People 

Providence, Rhode Island

The heart of Rhode Island, Providence, is surprisingly on the rise for innovation mainly due to its close lineage to major city Boston, MA. With more affordable SQ/FT and amazing talent coming throughout the area for job opportunities in a fun coastal city, look for the Providence CRE market to heat up — a lot.

Tech Talent Growth In Last 12M: 18,380 People 

Rochester, New York

Another hub city nestled right outside of New York City, is another promising prospect for upside potential in the CRE landscape. With an expensive price SQ/FT due to a closer location to NYC, Rochester is showing irresistible value to Tech Companies as a perfect place to set up shop and find valuable talent. 

Tech Talent Growth In Last 12M: 18,480 People 

Data relative to Tech Growth has been sourced by Scouring Tech Talent Report & is a part of a 75 city study on the top cities in North America attracting the most Tech Talent growth.