TestFit A Real Estate Startup was awarded $20 Million To Revolutionize Real Estate Investing

Long are the days of strenuous underwriting and pro forma adjustments thanks to TestFit. The start up headed by Clifton Harness & Ryan Griege have successfully built an autonomous platform that allows Real Estate investors to streamline deals and construction costs — Allowing firms to become more profitable and productive.

The successful start up landed a $20 million Series A funding round led by New York based firm Parkway Venture Capital. The allocation is planned to be used to take the SaaS further into the marketplace for what the founders are calling an abundance of opportunity in the market. 

Many believe that the firm maybe a revolutionary technology used by many in the marketplace. Co-Founder Gregg Hill went on to say “With TestFit, we see a disruptor driving a paradigm shift in the real estate industry”. The firms mission is to offer an approachable technology that enables teams to kill bad real estate deals quickly. The AI powered building configurator provides a unique interaction experience, enabling instantaneous control of feasible studies and Pro Forma plans. 

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