Real Estate Updates & Trends—What Will Continue in 2023?

The rental industry has had an unprecedented rise in the past few years. With the advent of technology and a changing rental landscape, the rental industry is poised to continue its growth and evolution into the next decade. 

With a focus on rental market size, rental demand, rental technology advancements, and rental market disruptions, this commercial real estate news article will give an overview of current trends in the rental industry and future forecasts. We will also examine how these trends will shape the rental industry in 2023 and beyond.

Increased Demand for Short-Term Rentals

Many people are now seeking alternative accommodations that offer more privacy and safety. This trend is expected to continue, with more people opting for short-term rentals over traditional hotels.

To cater to this demand, rental companies must invest in technology that makes it easier for travelers to find and book short-term rentals. This includes investing in mobile apps, online booking systems, and other digital tools that streamline the booking process.

Rise of Co-Living Spaces

Co-living spaces are shared living spaces that offer communal amenities and a sense of community. They are particularly popular among millennials and young professionals looking for affordable, flexible housing options.

Throughout the rest of the year, we expect to see more rental companies investing in co-living spaces to cater to this growing demand. This includes building new co-living spaces and retrofitting existing properties to accommodate this new trend. Rental companies will also need to invest in technology that makes it easier for residents to communicate and connect.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Many customers now place a high priority on sustainability, and the rental market is no exception. We anticipate that more rental businesses will invest in sustainable practices, such as using green energy sources and cutting waste.

To meet this demand, rental companies must invest in technology that helps them track and measure their sustainability efforts. This includes using smart meters to monitor energy usage and implementing recycling programs to reduce waste.

Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been transforming many industries, and the rental industry is no exception. As part of real estate business updates, more rental companies use AI to improve their operations and customer experience.

This includes using chatbots to handle customer inquiries and predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs. Rental companies will also use AI to optimize pricing strategies and improve their marketing efforts. 

Shift Towards Remote Work

Due to the pandemic, the tendency toward remote work is anticipated to continue. As more people labor from home, their lifestyles and employment dynamics change. To cater to this new trend, rental companies must invest in properties that offer high-speed internet and other amenities that cater to remote workers. This includes coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and other shared spaces that allow remote workers to collaborate and connect.

Continued Expansion of the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has been transforming many industries, and the rental industry is no exception as backed by real estate investment news, rental companies are embracing the sharing economy and offering new services that cater to this trend.

Offering shared vehicles, bikes, and other items that can be leased out temporarily falls under this category. Rental businesses will also need to make technology investments that make it simpler for customers to discover and reserve these shared resources.


The rental industry is set to undergo significant changes in 2023. From increased demand for short-term rentals to the rise of co-living spaces and the emphasis on sustainability, rental companies must adapt to these new trends and challenges to remain competitive. By investing in technology and embracing new business models, rental companies can position themselves for success in the future.

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