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The Hottest U.S. Housing Markets

Due to rising mortgage rates and existing homeowners’ reluctance to give up their sub-4% interest rates, a large portion of the housing market is still locked in place.

housing crisis

America’s Raging Housing Crisis

It’s worth talking about the raging housing crisis plaguing the United States. In the current real estate market, who has the means to buy a residential property? Mortgage

housing market forecast for the month of September

Housing Market Forecast for September 2023

Because of high mortgage rates, rising home prices, and limited housing inventory, overall housing market activity remains poor, sustaining the housing affordability dilemma. At the same time, high

Blackstone Capitalizes on Global Student Housing Market

Blackstone, the world’s preeminent commercial real estate owner, is strategically focusing its investments on the burgeoning student housing rental market. Kathleen McCarthy, Blackstone’s Global Co-Head of Real Estate,

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