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12 Trends Shaping the Real Estate Journey of Clients

Increased Reliance on Real Estate Professionals In today’s real estate landscape, clients are increasingly seeking the expertise of real estate professionals. The National Association of REALTORS®’ 2023 Profile

home sales

Pending Home Sales Eke Out Gain in July

Home buyers are picking up any available properties, seemingly unfazed by rising mortgage rates and a lack of available homes. The National Association of  Realtors said Wednesday that

real estate

Key Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investing has a variety of advantages. Investors can benefit from consistent cash flow, good returns, tax advantages, and diversification with carefully picked assets, and it’s also

Overpriced Housing Markets

The Most Overpriced Housing Markets Of 2023

Housing markets across the country have seen a general tightening of inventory and high prices, while prices are down slightly from their peaks in 2021 and 2022 before


Evergrande shares soars by at least 70%

Evergrande, a Chinese real estate developer, saw its shares rise by as much as 82% on Wednesday, driving the Hang Seng Index higher. Although the stock’s gains have

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