Discover How Jesse Spencer Became a Leader in the Miami Commercial Market

Jesse Spencer is an American Real Estate Investment Advisor & Commercial Real Estate (CRE) broker based out of Miami. Spencer is the Founder of  J+ Group, a team with the Compass commercial division  which covers all of South Florida. Jesse started his career in South Florida real estate in 2013, and has since been responsible for over $300 million in transactions. Spencer specializes in multifamily, office, & retail properties within the Miami MSA. 

To learn more about Jesse Spencer, we sat down with him to get an inside look on his success in Real Estate & the organizations he operates. 

J+ Group 

J+ Group is Jesse’s group responsible for brokering commercial asset sales in South Florida. The team of seven agents including Jesse aim to connect different components of the investment strategy beyond the purchase or disposition and provide their clients a tailored experience including a management strategy that can’t be matched by competitors. South Florida is known by many as a growing MSA with much attention from other parts of the country. With the ending of the pandemic, many companies have begun the great migration to SoFlo — something Spencer notes as a huge opportunity for his business. Spencer went on to say “In the last 12 months we have seen a huge influx of new buyers in the South Florida CRE market, from domestic multifamily investors to companies looking to relocate office headquarters, and commercial hotspots from other cities looking to setup shop here.” J+ Group offers unique expertise that can help investors get a better understanding of the local knowledge required to make such decisions. 

reLEASE Miami

reLEASE Miami is Jesse’s property management company that works in conjunction with J+ Group. Currently, reLEASE Miami is managing over 150 units for various investors and overseeing several renovation and new construction projects— most of which also purchased their land or assets with J+ Group as a broker. The company uses data-driven decision making to differentiate themselves from competitors and exceed clients expectations for maximum returns. Spencer stated that “The goal of reLEASE Miami is to maximize the value of the client’s short and long term investment. Marketing, tenant management, financial reporting, project management, and maintenance are among the many benefits that reLEASE Miami’s clients enjoy.” 

Miami Market

The Miami market is growing rapidly, this has much to do with as noted earlier out of state companies relocating to South Florida from states such as: New York, Illinois, & California. Florida offers investors an opportunity to and take advantage of Florida’s MSA’s growing YOY/GDP growth. “Properties in Miami tend to be more profitable on average than many other markets and Florida typically is a more favorable state for landlords. While the market may shift (as it always does in cycles), the demand for income-producing investments remains strong.” Spencer intends to keep perfecting his niche with both reLEASE Miami and J+ Group to continue servicing the Miami market into the future. 

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