Intrans RE Group Set to Develop New Multi Asset Class Concept in the Heart of Slovakia

Intrans is an International Real Estate Group focused on urban development & new concepts in emerging international markets. The group primarily based out of Slovakia is excited for their newest concept soon to begin development in Liptovsky Jan. The area is known for its amazing mineral and thermal springs known for their healing effects, as well as vast beautiful mountain landscapes surrounding the area. The four season destination is loved by many in both the Slovakian community and also internationally. 

The group plans to include many amenities within the development such as: Condos, Apartments, & a private gated residential community. The developers at Intrans are excited to add a modernized touch to the city, which has a lot of historical architectural parcels. To learn more about the exciting new development, we sat down with Intrans partner David Friedmann to learn more about what’s to come. 

Motive For Development In The Area

Friedmann and partners of Intrans have ties to Slovakia by blood. The group has a vested viewpoint of the community that aligns with local governments and communities in the area. The hope of the new development is to attract more GDP growth with the addition of new homes plus outdoor activities for the area. The development site is less than a 10 minute drive from three ski resorts, as a four season destination travelers and locals can also enjoy close proximity to hiking trails and lakes in the area. Friedmann went on to say “Us as Slovakians have always heard of the area and its amazing year round attractions, the area hasn’t really had much new development — this makes for the new development to be a great opportunity.” 

Liptovsky Jan Development Concept

News About The Development

Currently the area is nothing more than a farm parcel with ranches & cattle. The firm made a statement that zoning is scheduled to be finalized by Q1 of 2023, and has a timeline to complete the development by the end of 2025. Intrans plans to add a modernized touch to the area which should increase the city’s economic strength to support the area’s four season tourism. 

About Intrans

Intrans has a proven track record with development, prior to their soon to begin project in Slovakia the firm has also completed international work in Prague, Czech Republic. The firm holds property in Slovakia, Various parts of North America, & Czech Republic — All of which being commercial & residential properties.