From Homeless to Selling Homes: How This Power Couple Is Changing ‘REALTORS’ Lives One Agent at a Time

From Homeless to Selling Homes
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Real estate is an industry that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and marketing skills to succeed. However, not everyone can master these skills quickly and efficiently, especially in a highly competitive market. But what if you had access to some of the best and most successful Realtors who could teach you the secrets of the trade? 

That’s where Jordan and Melanie Suber come in, with their new Recruiting Secrets Course designed to teach Realtors how to attract other agents to join their team or brokerage.

Jordan and Melanie Suber are a real estate power couple who have achieved incredible success in a short amount of time. They have been named one of the top 90 agents at eXp Realty out of nearly 90,000 agents across 50 states and 24 countries within two years, despite being brand new agents. This is a testament to their impressive marketing skills, which they honed during the six years they owned a marketing agency before getting their real estate license.

With their marketing expertise, Jordan and Melanie Suber have been involved in over $200,000,000 in real estate volume through themselves and their team. They have also become best-selling authors with their book “Real Estate Secrets,” which shares the secrets to building a million-dollar business through the power of the internet. In addition, they have built a team of over 119 agents across 20 states who have achieved financial freedom through passive income paying for their lives and became millionaires by the ages of 29 and 30.

However, their success came with challenges. Jordan was born into poverty and was homeless off and on from 12-18. His determination to create a better life for himself and to be an example for others is the primary fuel that has helped him become so successful.  

Another one of the secrets to their success is their belief in the power of marketing and earning passive income. They stress the importance of attracting agents to join your team or brokerage, which is the best way to earn passive income in the real estate industry.

Jordan and Melanie Suber have launched the Recruiting Secrets Course to share their secrets with other Realtors. This course teaches Realtors how to attract other agents to join their team or brokerage, allowing them to earn passive income and achieve financial freedom.

Jordan and Melanie Suber offer a free masterclass to promote their brand and the new course. This masterclass is an opportunity for Realtors to learn from the best and gain valuable insights into the industry. The couple is on a mission to help a billion people succeed in the real estate industry, and their new Recruiting Secrets Course is just one way they are making this happen. Their goal is to eventually build cities and help upgrade older towns to be more sustainable. 

They also hope to become the #1 leader for agent attraction and real estate recruiting, grow their team size to 5,000 agents in the next few years, and publish another best-selling book. 

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