4 Stable Housing Markets For Residential Homes In America

With rising rates and asking prices beginning to lower in hot markets across the country, we took a look at some of the more stable home markets in the country that are set to perform well in the future. 

Arizona Housing Market

The Arizona housing market is one of the hottest in the country. With stable home equity for owners across the state, look for stable prices through the rest of 2022. 

2022 Economy Rating: C- (State Grade: 22 out of 50) 

Texas Housing Market 

Texas’ population growth has posed the state to be one of the most stable and flourishing housing markets in the country. With strong appreciation and low foreclosure rates, look for Texas to keep growing in population and steady home prices. 

2022 Economy Rating: A- (State Grade: 8 out of 50) 

Tennessee Housing Market 

Tennessee comes in at the second best economy in the United States, & its strong housing market is a big reason why. With steady home build growth, look for Tennessee to continue its strong housing market run. 

2022 Economy Rating: A+ (2 out of 50) 

Utah Housing Market 

2022 Economy Rating: A (State Grade: 6 out of 50) 

Homes in Utah are blowing up as the state is on track to become the number 1 in new home builds in the United States. There is plenty of strong home equity in the state, as more homes are built look for housing demand and asking prices to continue to stay stable — & potentially the best in the country.