Commercial Real Estate Has a Generational Talent Crisis To Handle

Talent firms across the globe recognize that the CRE industry has an issue to resolve when it comes to recruiting, staffing, and retaining talent that will take their organization to the next level in the following years to come. Many in the executive search industry believe that because of the cyclical nature of the Commercial Real Estate industry, many who choose a career in the industry don’t stay long for fear of being let go. 

How CRE company’s can work to improve their retention of talent is up to debate. Some recruiting firms believe that Commercial Real Estate companies simply haven’t allocated enough time and resources to perfecting or modernizing their training and career development programs. 

As new professionals enter the CRE workforce some don’t even stay long enough to see it through if they truly enjoy the sector or not. This is much to do with the slow training process & lack of orientation to other parts of the business for beginners. Issues such as this are fixable, getting top CRE firms to recognize the importance on the other hand — Time will tell.

With the next generation of professionals entering the workforce, CRE organizations will be forced to go to the drawing board and restrategize how they recruit, train, and retain talent for the years to come. 

This post is based on the opinion of writers at Real Estate Today.