Chinese Investors Bought 6.1B In United States Real Estate Last Year

Chinese Investors topped out at #1 for foreign real estate buyers in America last year. The amount which resulted to be a whopping 6.1B is the most ever with most homes being bought in Florida & California. It is recorded that the average house sold for over 1 million dollars from investors in: Mainland China, Taiwan, & Hong Kong.  

Other countries that stood out in foreign home buying were: Canada, India, Mexico, & Brazil all way over 1 Billion in real estate sales volume. 

Florida Real Estate attracted many buyers from across the world, much to do for the state’s lax rules on Covid-19 during the pandemic. Much of the world’s global financial institutions and major corporations also made a move down South to Florida — Certainly creating an influx in demand for foreigners. 

Half way through the year of 2022, with interest rates on the rise — do you think foreign home buying will continue to increase or decrease? 

This post is based on the opinion of writers at Real Estate Today.