China Views Brewing Tension in Taiwan as a Real Estate Buying Opportunity

There is growing tension between mainland China & neighboring country Taiwan. The escalation has been ongoing for several years, in recent months tension has risen significantly. Within the month of August, US house speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan to show China a message that the US & The United Nations stand with Taiwan. Chinese officials warned against the visit claiming the hostile act would come with severe retaliation, Pelosi is the highest ranking US official to visit Taiwan in over 25+ years. 

Shortly after the visit, China launched military drills surrounding Taiwan These drills include every branch of the Chinese military & are a clear breach of maritime law. As of the end of August these drills continue, NATO countries such as: The United States, The United Kingdom, & Germany have deployed parts of their navy to the Pacific Theater to defend Taiwan from a potential invasion. As the drums of war commence, Real Estate Today decided to take a look into what the Taiwan Real Estate Market could look like post war & why Chinese citizens are viewing it as a buying opportunity.

Source: Ministry of Defense

Financial Advice Spreading In China

Vice reported in early August that a popular blog in China is recommending citizens on which parts of Taiwan they should invest in the event of a Chinese military invasion. Taichung is seen as the safest MSA in Taiwan with the most upside as compared to other cities such as capital Taipei. Taiwan is a small country, it is roughly the size of Connecticut and New Hampshire combined (Roughly — 13,000 Sq/Miles)

The blogger goes by the name of “Uncle Kai from Wuhan”, he posted an article in November of 2021 with tips on what parts of Taiwan to invest into post invasion. With tensions rising, it is believed that the general population of China see’s a war with Taiwan as an opportunity to buy land & invest into Real Estate. 

Cities In Taiwan 

Taiwan’s economy has grown significantly over the last two decades, this comes mostly from US Fortune 500 growth in Semiconductor production & trade port growth. Taipei the capital of Taiwan, has become one of the most expensive MSAs in all of Asia, even topping Shanghai. It is believed that pending an invasion, Real Estate prices in Taiwan could be set to drop as far as 50%. This has many international investors, & as mentioned above mainland China investors interested in the potential Chinese “reunification” of the country. 

An Altruistic Future 

Real Estate Today doesn’t condone the act of war, and believes that Taiwan & all other countries should be entitled to their own individual sovereignty. This post shares a detailed insight on both political and military tensions currently rising in a part of the world that is often underserved in news reporting particularly in the United States. A war between China & Taiwan would slow down the global economy GDP & cripple relations between the world’s two largest economies (US & China). Taiwan’s strong domestic GDP growth and limited land makes the country one of the hottest international markets, may diplomatic deterrence prevail. 

This post is based on the opinion of writers at Real Estate Today