China’s Buying Up American Land & It’s Nothing To Celebrate

There is growing concern across America about Chinese interest in recent parcel acquisition in the United States. The USDA reports that in the last 12 months, China interest based companies have acquired over 192,000 acres of US land worth over 6 billion US dollars. One draw for concern is a farmland close to a sensitive parcel near North Dakota which is in close proximity to  undisclosed military installation.

There is much concern about other areas of the country where similar purchases have happened. As concern grows, policy makers in Washington have begun to discuss and disclose information as to what laws may soon be passed to stop this from continuing to happen. National security interest is one of America’s most important values and shows of strength on the global stage.   

Concern elsewhere across the world may have caught America by surprise. The Department of Defense is currently conducting a wide spread investigation to further understand and create a solution for parts of the country that have been prone to attack recently. 

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