Chat GPT: Microsoft unveils AI’s rival

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Photo credit: DepositPhotos

Microsoft has announced that it will release a new version of Bing that uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

The change uses Open AI’s Chat GPT technology, which has been making waves all over the world since it came out last year.

The move is by far the most significant threat to Google’s position as the leader in web search, and it starts a race between the two companies to get better at AI.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, said, “The race starts today.”

Chat GPT was made by the San Francisco-based company OpenAI. It uses techniques for deep learning to answer search queries in a way that sounds like a person.

Bing can give more detailed answers to search questions in its latest version, not just links to websites.

Users can also have conversations with the bot to get better answers to their questions. Answers that make sense will be added on the right side of a search page.

The new Bing search engine will be available right away, but each person will only be able to do a limited number of searches.

The news comes a day after Google talked about its new chatbot, Bard.

Both companies are working hard to get their products on the market.

In a note sent to investors after the announcement, Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said he thought Microsoft’s investment would “massively boost” the company’s ability to compete.

Changes have happened very quickly since Microsoft showed off the technology on November 30.

One of the first companies to invest in the company was Microsoft. Last month, the company said it would continue to work with OpenAI as part of a “multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment.”

Microsoft said that OpenAI technology, which is even more advanced than the Chat GPT technology shown last year, would be used by Bing.

It also announced a new premium level of its messaging software, Microsoft Teams, that will include Chat GPT and a feature that automatically makes meeting notes and highlights.

Analysts say that Chat GPT, which students have used to pass exams and tests, could completely change many professions, including journalism.

But it has been criticized for confidently giving wrong answers. It also works with scraped data sets that are usually from 2021 or earlier. Because of this, a lot of the answers it gives can seem old.

Bard by Google is  similar to Chat GPT

Google is making a chatbot called Bard that will compete with Chat GPT. It will use artificial intelligence (AI).

The company said a small group of testers would use Bard before making it available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Bard is based on Google’s Lamda, a large language model. One engineer said that Lamda’s responses were so much like those of a person that he thought it could think for itself.

The tech giant also said it would add new AI tools to its search engine.

In a previous blog post, Pichai said Bard is meant to bring together the wide range of knowledge about ther world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of large language models.

The purpose of AI chatbots is to find information and answer questions. The one everyone knows about is Chat GPT. People get information from the internet, but some worry that it has offensive material and false information.

Mr. Pichai said that he wanted Google’s AI services to be “brave and responsible,” but he didn’t say how Bard would be stopped from sharing harmful or abusive content.

He said that the platform would initially run on a “lightweight” version of Lamda, which would use less power and let more people use it at once.

People thought Microsoft would add the AI chatbot Chat GPT to its Bing search engine after putting billions of dollars into the company that made it, OpenAI. Because of this, Google made its announcement.

As of 2021, Chat GPT will be able to answer questions and carry out requests using information from the internet. It can also be used to write speeches, songs, ads, news stories, and papers for students.

People can use it for free, but it costs the company a few pennies every time someone does. So OpenAI just announced a paid plan to go along with the free access.

The ultimate goal of chatbots is to get rid of web link pages in internet searches and replace them with one definitive answer.

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Sundar Pichai said that people are using Google searches to ask more complicated questions than they used to.

How many keys a piano had in the past might have been a common question. Now, people are more likely to ask if it’s harder to learn than the guitar, which is hard to answer with facts.