Learn How Attorney Brooke Watton Is Making a Stir in the AZ Real Estate Marketplace

Brooke Watton is an American Residential Real Estate Professional & licensed attorney in the state of Arizona. Watton started her career in Real Estate this year after a decade of being a lawyer in AZ. With the background in law, Watton has been able to make strides in her early career as an agent. For those in real estate, particularly agents — Contracts really are the way of a life for an agent. With a background in corporate (transactional) law and general commercial litigation, Watton has been able to use her past experience to align expert advice on real estate purchases for her clients. To learn more about Brooke Watton, we sat down with her to get an inside scoop on her career thus far. 

A Generation of Realtors 

Although Brooke may be a new realtor, she comes from a long lineage of Real Estate Professionals. Growing up around Real Estate and seeing the success of her father and grandfather certainly contributed to her interest in real estate law and later, her career shift from attorney to realtor. Watton works in the Arizona RE market, specifically top MSAs: Phoenix, Scottsdale, & Gilbert. Brooke works with RE brokerage Homesmart, one of the largest and most well known brokerages in the area. 

Legal Background Coming in Handy 

Watton is an advocate for reading the fine print, something many realtors overlook. By having a background in Law, Watton is able to use her past experience to review applicable city ordinances & HOA agreements for her clients prior to putting an offer in on a property. Having the Aid of a realtor like Brooke gives homeowners an additional leg up in assessing potential risks when purchasing a property. Watton also credits her innate attention to detail, persuasive communication, creative problem solving and analytical mind, skills she developed during her career as an attorney. 

The Future For Brooke as a New Agent

In the future, Brooke looks forward to growing her business with Homesmart & continuing to assist her clients with their real estate purchases. Brooke wants readers to know that she is a people person. With years of experience as an attorney, her love for working with people has only grown. Watton feels that by being a realtor she can not only build relationships, but also be able to align what her clients need while also not being attached to a billable hourly invoice. Watton went on to say: “In Real Estate what I love is that your compensation comes from your work that you put in- it’s truly a product of the value you generate as an agent for your clients.” 

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