How Brad Van De Welle Went From Bartending To 1250 Homes Sold In a Year

Many know Real Estate as an intense fluctuating industry. Data shows that most real estate agents fail within their first five years, a similar statistic to small businesses. For Brad Van De Welle, moving through adversity and working hard is something that has been important to him throughout his life. Before becoming a real estate tycoon, The Canadian real estate pro had a long-standing career in bartending. It was in Brad’s decade of experience as a bartender that he learned valuable skills that would carry over into his career in Real Estate as an agent. 

Through his hard work in bartending, Brad began real estate investing as early as the age of 21. Brad bought his first house at the age of 21, and then his second at 22. Between his time bartending and passive investing into Real Estate, Brad slowly built the talent and tools needed to become a successful real estate agent. To learn more about Brad Van De Welle, We sat down with him to learn about his current success as a top Real Estate Agent. 

Early On In Brads Career

It wasn’t until April of 2009 that Van De Welle finally decided to get his real estate license. Eager to dive head first into the real estate world, Brad patiently waited for his time to go all-in. In wasn’t long after getting his real estate license that Brad was able to find success by rebounding off of the housing crisis The housing bubble would later end up landing him an impressive 44 deals in his first year. After his first 10 months of success, Brad moved quickly to start building his own team something that usually takes agents years to branch towards. 

Brad’s Advocacy For Becoming An Agent

The big appeal for Brad with real estate is the draw to make something of yourself. In order to truly succeed in real estate you have to be your own boss, and hold yourself accountable to the activities needed to create consistent results. Taking a look at Brad’s story, Real Estate offered him not only a career as an agent but also an allocation tool through real estate investing. Brad went on to say “If you can stay focused & motivated on the tasks that will allow you to be successful in real estate as an agent or even an investor succeeding is the easy part, it’s all simply a product of your consistent hard work.”

Brad Van De Welle’s Goal For The Future

Looking forward, Brad hopes to expand and focus on implementing coaching programs and classes for agents looking to get involved in real estate. Brad wants readers to know that in order to be successful in Real Estate you must be willing to have patience and trust that the work will eventually pay off. Today Brad owns over 100 properties, & has a record of 1250 home sales in a year. With hard work and determination, Brad believes that anyone can succeed in the Real Estate Industry.

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