A Look inside Brad Pitt’s extensive Real Estate Portfolio

Brad Pitt is an American movie star known by many across the world. With blockbuster hits one after another and an impressive net worth of $357M the actor has us Real Estate Today itching to know more about his exclusive real estate portfolio. To our finding, we found that Pitt has owned Real Estate in several cities such as: Carmel, CA, Beverly Hills, Goleta, AZ, South of France, New Orleans, LA Malibu, CA & Beverly Hills, CA. 

Real Estate Today decided to take a further look into some of Pitt’s past and present holdings that make up his impressive portfolio of luxury real estate. 

Carmel, CA

Pitt spent $40M on this amazing off market listing on California’s sought after coastline. The sale is one of the costliest in the area all time, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Beverly Hills 

In 1994, Brad was beginning to build a name for himself as an actor with his role in “Legend Of The Fall.” In the year of 94’ Brad splurged on a nice pad for $1.7 million in Beverly Hills. The purchase would lead to many more developments including additional bedrooms & even expanding the parcel by purchasing neighboring properties adjacent to the home

South of France

Pitt also owns Real Estate internationally in one of the most sought after areas of the world. The South of France is known by many as a hub for socialites and world stage events and entertainment. The home owned by Pitt is certainly a special one, it is noted that this is the home where Pitt married Angelina Jolie. The home was bought by Pitt for an estimated $60 million in 2008. 

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