Billionaires Are Swooping Up Single Family Homes Across The Country

Stories have been circling around the country this year about reports that institutional investors and private companies have began allocating capital to acquire single family homes across the country. This is much to do with the public sector goal to make America a renters nation, allowing more consistent returns on capital for investors. One of the most notable American billionaires taking part in the blockbuster acquisition pandemonium is Jeff Bezos. The founder of Amazon — Jeff Bezos, is behind one of the largest single family institutional investors under his company “Arrived Homes”. 

The company offers investors the opportunity to buy shares in their organization which is made up of its Single Family Real estate rental portfolio. As the newest generation of home owners enters the marketplace, the demand for rental properties has also skyrocketed. This is much to do with the fact that many Americans are priced out of the market from purchasing a home individually. Another key factor is the simple fact, that more and more Americans are more conscious on their spending — and seeing that homes don’t always produce income when owner occupied. 

Arrived Homes is focused on the Top 20 cities In America that have the most population growth. By doing so, the firm is set to continue to acquire fair market value single family homes that fit their allocation requirements to continue to grow their companies holdings nationwide. Recently, Arrived Homes has begun purchasing homes in new cities such as: Nashville, Cincinnati, & Indianapolis

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