Learn How Arjun Dhingra Helps Consumers Navigate the Mortgage Industry

Arjun Dhingra is an American mortgage advisor who is dedicated to spreading financial literacy and valuable mortgage knowledge to home buyers. Dhingra has been in the mortgage industry for over 21 years, his organization advises on lending in over 13 different states. As a top producing home loan adviser, Arjun has been able to build an amazing system for helping buyers understand every step and aspect of their mortgage. More and more people are starting to work with mortgage advisors like Arjun because they offer a more consultative and personalized experience than your average lender. 

To learn more about Arjun, we sat down with him to get a better understanding of how he helps borrowers choose the best mortgage products.   

Benefits Of A Consultative Mortgage Advisor

There is a long list of benefits that comes with choosing a mortgage advisor to guide you through the home-buying process. Many buyers, particularly first time buyers, will work with the first brokerage or bank that is recommended to them and never think twice. For those who work with Arjun expect special care to ensure that you understand every single step through closing. Working with a bank leaves buyers with only a few strategies for their mortgages whereas working with an advisor like Arjun gives them a wide array of available options. 

Unique Lending Options

Arjun’s knowledge of and access to various lending options is a huge advantage for those his firm works with. Non-QM (qualified mortgage) loans have been steadily grabbing more market share over the past few years. Non-QM’s are a great example of an unorthodox lending option that an advisor like Dhingra can align for borrowers. Non Qualified Mortgage loans allow borrowers to get approved for funding via alternative methods like cash flow, asset leveraging, or bank statements. While most lenders will only have two to three options, Arjun has the ability to give his clients dozens of choices from various banks nationwide. This ensures that each one of his borrowers will be matched with the best solution for them. 

Arjun’s Future Plans

Arjun has no intentions of slowing down any time soon and plans to continue expanding. Social selling & Personal branding with SM platforms has done wonders for Dhingra’s company growth. Arjun went on to say, “It’s a long term game, Content creation and branding don’t necessarily have an ROI in dollars. People need to understand the actual value and how you can use it. When I walk in a room people know who I am and that is invaluable. It leads to more opportunities, conversations, and more deals.” As an advocate for personal branding and using SM, Dhingra looks forward to the future of the industry & helping others within the space do the same.

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