How Andrew Perrie is Using Social Media to Dominate the Ontario RE Market

The Canadian real estate market is growing at a phenomenal rate, attracting massive attention from stakeholders in and out of the country. As of October last year, real estate and rental and leasing (REFL) contributed nearly a tenth of the monthly GDP rise, which is a huge step for the Canadian real estate market. But it is impossible to talk about the growth of the Canadian real estate market without mentioning Andrew Perrie.

Andrew Perrie is an award-winning realtor, podcaster, and businessman. He is the founder of The Fine Estate Team, a real estate company made up of award-winning local realtors who treat every listing with an elite care program, ‘The Fine Line Method’. 

Andrew’s unique approach to real estate has earned him a top spot in the growing market. Andrew Perrie boasts a very distinctive marketing method. Instead of creating content for buyers and sellers in the real estate market, he creates content geared more toward agents. 

He uses his social platforms to share new listings and lessons he learned in his journey with the primary aim of helping other agents. He also has a podcast, That Fine Life Podcast, where they discuss more real estate. This helped him change the industry and grow his brand. Andrew Perrie has maintained a strong referral business of roughly 85% agent-to-agent referrals.

According to Andrew, one of his goals is to make it easier for sellers, buyers, and agents, diversifying how they connect with each other. He shows others how they can leverage social media to increase sales and establish their brands as authorities. He is also sharing his journey.

Andrew Perrie operates two separate brokerage offices in Niagara-On-the-Lake and Muskoka. He is also the director of one of the fastest growing independent brokerages in Ontario with Revel Realty. He has successfully run all three ventures despite being in different towns. However, at first, this was a major challenge.

As an agent, understanding the market of your home province is critical for success, and seeing that this was a new city and a smaller, higher-priced community with 30+ year of veterans, it was hard for Andrew to find his way. He had only lived in the town for five years and didn’t know his way around. But he didn’t give up.

Andrew overcame this by working harder than everyone else. He created content daily, providing value to agents in and outside his market, which is what sets him apart. He created a strong niche brand attracting hundreds of clients a year, competing against the best in Niagara. 

Andrew’s incredible work in the industry has not gone unnoticed, as he has received several awards. He is a multi-year winner for Reader’s Choice Best Realtor. He has sold over $150,000,000 in his career.

As Andrew continues to thrive, he is helping other agents take advantage of the growing market. He is also helping buyers find their perfect homes and sellers sell their properties with his unique approach.

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