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Alec Hanson Gives Insight on How to Win as a Mortgage Lender in Today’s Economy



Alec Hanson Branding Online Mortgage — Real Estate Today

Alec Hanson is an American mortgage professional with loanDepot where he currently serves as the SVP of the Pacific Southwest Division. Hanson has made a career for himself as a — “Brand Evangelist” and growth leader and has become an advocate and trainer to many on how to successfully grow a social presence online for salespeople and Entrepreneurs. Other buzzwords to explain building a social presence include: Social Selling, & Personal Branding. Traditional sales practices in the mortgage space typically avoided content creation, social media, and personal brand building, but Alec believes otherwise. With lending becoming more & more streamlined, having a social presence and building trust and a strong reputation in your local market as a lender is incredibly important, Alec states. 

Understanding Today’s Marketplace

It is safe to say that social selling is becoming more and more valued in corporate America. Besides Hanson’s example, companies across the country are realizing that social selling, strong personal brand development & training are showing amazing results for pipeline and bottom line growth. This is much more to do with the nature of the modern day consumer. In today’s marketplace, more & more consumers are using social media as a way to connect with loved ones and get information on the things that matter most to them. For a sales professional, using social as a way to connect with prospects & build relationships is an incredible way to increase conversions and build a meaningful relationship. 

How To Start Social Selling Today

If you are a sales professional, Hanson recommends using social in a few important ways. Alec believes that in order to build a brand that people will want to engage with, you have to use video & more importantly you have to put yourself out there and be yourself. Hanson went on to say “It seems like an easy thing until you do it, getting out of your comfort zone and using social media is a great way to grow your business and become ‘Omnipresent’ to your customers and prospects.” Another way is by utilizing outreach on social platforms as a means for following up with prospects or even past customers. Hanson believes that you’re much more likely to close a deal when you establish a connection with your customer on social platforms. 

Why Social Selling Is Important Now 

The technologically savvy world that we live in today will continue to develop exponentially. Building skills such as social selling and content creation, alongside developing a powerful personal branding are crucial ways to take your career to the next level. Hanson believes that now is the time to acquire social skills to implement into your business. It’s not only a beneficial way to grow, but over the following years it will become mandatory to earn and compete in the marketplace.