Learn How Adrian BO Is Taking over the South Wales RE Market

Adrian Bo is an Australian Real Estate Professional based out of New South Wales. Bo has been consistently ranked as a Top 10 agent in Australia by REB — (Real Estate Business). As the number one agent in all of New South Wales, Bo has successfully recorded many accolades such as setting a record for over 2500 home & apartment sales in the Eastern Suburbs of New South Wales. Adrian holds two graduate degrees including a MBA in Business Administration. Adrian is consistently covered by local media on the Australian RE market, & has been featured in outlets such as Sky News. 

To learn more about Adrian Bo, we sat down with him to learn more about his career and his take on the Australian RE market. 

Australian RE Market Has Experienced Solid Growth

As the go to agent for Macro RE news regarding all

 of Australia, Bo wants readers to know that the Australian RE market rose 29.6% for the 12 month period ending December 2021, however has recalibrated 8-10% since then due to rising interest rates and inflation. Adrian went on to say: “Within New South Wales specifically, there are many prime RE markets for potential Lux buyers to check out. Some of which that I like include Coogee and Randwick — These areas include some of the country’s most amazing beaches, schools, & amenities.” Bo believes that the top MSA in Australia that has both the most upside and also the most amenities is in Coogee. For those looking to vet out potential new homes & looking for expert advice on the best areas to live & also invest, connect with Adrian online. Bo is available around the clock and responds to Instagram messages quickly, get in touch with him here

The Future for Adrian Bo

Adrian intends to continue growing as a real estate professional, but also educate others. There are no other Australian real estate agents who have a social media following as large as Bo’s and he wants to continue connecting with them and providing valuable advice and information. The Adrian Bo Podcast is his podcast where he gives listeners insight into the ever changing real estate market along with personal development strategies that helped him get to where he is today. With much success in the market look for Adrian to continue to dominate the Australian RE market.

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