electric cars

Electric cars could increase EU and US rift

Image Source: DW So that Europe can keep up with the US, the European Commission has come up with a plan to speed up the production of electric cars and projects that use renewable energy. The plan calls for green businesses to be able to get funding and follow rules that are easier to understand. It would also loosen rules about how states help people. The move came after the US said it would spend a lot of money on technologies that are good for

US economy

US economy surpassed predictions

Image Source: The Center Square Even though growth slowed because of higher borrowing costs and rising costs of living, the US economy did better than


US inflation touches lowest in a year

Image Source: Bloomberg The rising cost of living in the US is being slowed down by the sharp drop in energy prices, especially gasoline prices.


Cryptocurrency: UK mulls digital pound idea

Image Source: Bloomberg The economic secretary to the Treasury told MPs that the government is thinking about creating a national cryptocurrency or “digital pound.” Andrew