1060 Proves Short-Form Videos Are the Future of Real Estate

If the pandemic taught us anything, content is king. The way we interact with each other, absorb information, receive news, and express ourselves is all at the palms of our fingertips, through various channels of social media. As such, different industries are changing their models to adapt to this new normal, and real estate is no exception – just ask Matthew Snowden, founder of 1060.

1060 offers a unique and innovative approach to real estate, one that is long-overdue and guiding us into the future. Utilizing short-form videos, 1060 is forever changing the game of the real estate landscape, serving as a ubiquitous app not just for agents, but for buyers and renters too. Beloved by top agents, like Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim and Maya Vander, to SERHANT’s Madison Sutton, 1060 is undeniably on the forefront of real estate’s frontier. 

We spoke with Matthew all about the new app, that is surely a force to be reckoned with in a whole new era of content and video sharing. Read below for the full interview, and make sure to check out 1060 and see what all the buzz is about.

Tell us about the inspiration behind creating 1060. 

1060 was inspired when in I was trying to sell an apartment in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, and i was wondering why real estate was still stuck in the era of photos and text, particularly when you look at other markets, such a stock trading, has now become social and fun, with apps like Robinhood and Public.com, which has democratized stock trading for Gen-Z. Bumble and Tinder, same thing, making dating and finding a partner, a better experience and i was selling my apartment, I just realized that at this moment real estate was soon going to also go that way, and it would be through the medium of short form video + the ability to add amazing music, allows agents to now tell “stories” and become influencers. When I started building short form video for real estate wasn’t really a thing, now it’s fast becoming one of the biggest trends in 2022.

How do you see video impacting the real estate market?

I see video, in particular short form video, completely redefining real estate over the coming 1-3 years. Now the short form video is ubiquitous in entertainment, work and everyday life, think of the influence of Tik Tok, Insta Reels, Youtube Shorts that it’s only a question of time, that real estate becomes more social and content driven. It’s not just about video, but the ability for agents to become influencers and provide authentic and engaging content in real time – that will force the real estate industry into a whole new era.

What problems / issues does 1060 solve from the current real estate landscape?

It takes a long time to actually get a new listing to the market, from agents and back offices have to organize professional videographers or photographers, then edit photos and post online. It’s also quite costly using property portals. So what happens, is that with a platform like 1060, it’s a free platform and app, that instantly allows the agent themselves to shoot a 60 second video with their mobile “on the spot” and post live to 1060, to buyers and renters locally or globally. That changes everything. 

Tell us about some of the top agents joining the app. 

We have some of the world’s top teams and agents using the app. From Joyce Rey and her team in Los Angeles, the number luxury team, to Holly Parker team, the no.1 team at Douglas Elliman in New York, Deanna Kory, Kelly Benisimon, Maya Vander and Jason Oppenheim from The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset.

Where do you see 1060 in the next 5 years?

My feeling is that 1060 will become a ubiquitous app and platform not just for agents, but also global home buyers and renters as the first place to experience new homes for sale or rent. There’s a new generation of Gen-Z and millennial agents now that use short form video apps like 1060, Tik Tok and Insta Reels to market all their properties. Agents like Madison Sutton, Serhant team in New York is an amazing example of an agent that’s been going really well on short form video and who have quickly built up their audience and fanbase using short videos as the platform. That’s amazingly powerful for them, because everytime they post a short video, their relevant audience is getting notified, so it kind of removes the need for a traditional property portal. 

Why should renters / buyers download 1060 rather than use a platform like Zillow or TikTok? 

Zillow is a traditional property platform and it’s largely text and photo’s based, whereas Tik Tok of course, is a generic short form video entertainment platform. 1060 is unique, in the fact that’s only short form videos for real estate, all agents (content creators) are vetted and approved to be the app, and 1060 is very social in that home buyers and renters can leave comments, likes and chat to agents, but here’s the interesting thing, 1060 allows home buyers and renters to search, like for properties like a traditional platform such as Zillow, but of course it has all these amazing, authentic and engaging short videos or in your suburb, city or globally.